Boy building a LEGO set on a wood LEGO tray
Here at The TRĀ Company, it's obvious we love our hand-crafted wood LEGO ®
tray, The TRĀ. But we want to make sure YOU love it too, so we are highlighting four reasons that you need it in your life. Whether your next LEGO ® build is big or small, creating it on The TRĀ will be a game-changer!

Boy building a LEGO set on a wood LEGO tray

Reason #1: It Will Keep Your LEGO ® Organized, No Matter Where You Go

The TRĀ is a great way to keep every LEGO ® piece together in one place! Kids of any age will love this – they will be busy building new creations at home, in the car, or at grandma’s house. The TRĀ is perfectly designed to keep all your LEGO ® pieces safe, making it ideal for road trips or anywhere on the go. It allows kids to have fun while they develop their skills.

Reason # 2: The Baseplate 

The TRĀ comes installed with a LEGO ® branded baseplate, allowing you to build directly on its surface. The baseplate is 32x32 studs (10 inches on each side), making it the perfect size for many builds. It’s permanently attached to the tray, so your LEGO ® builds aren’t going anywhere. The baseplate is a great feature of The TRĀ and will allow your LEGO ® to stay connected. The baseplate is great for building sets and your own creations. 

Reason #3: The Lid 

One of our favorite features of The TRĀ is the multi-functional lid. First, it covers the two small storage compartments to keep up to 200 LEGO ® bricks safe and organized. Second, the lid slides out and can be placed in the corner notches of The TRĀ to become an easel for your LEGO ® instruction books! No more building while trying to keep the pages open or losing your place in the book. Brilliant! 

Reason #4: It’s Hand-Crafted  

Our functional and hand-crafted wood LEGO ® tray is made by expert woodworkers. A husband and wife team are the owners of Motley & Myrtle and they make The TRĀ in their carpentry shop. It is 11” long x 15” wide x 2” tall and contains three compartments, making this tray the perfect companion for your LEGO ®! It keeps your LEGO ® safe while you are moving from one place to another. Become the envy of your friends with this piece of art you need for your LEGO ® sets.