About Us

Hi, we're The TRĀ Company! The TRĀ was created to help your LEGO® be organized and travel-proof, and to make building sets more fun and easy. Take your TRĀ with you in the car and easily move your favorite LEGO® project between rooms, hotels, and even to grandma’s house. 
Let's meet the team! 
Emilee is the owner and creator of The TRĀ Company. She is a lover of LEGO®, Harry Potter, and being a mom to her two young kids. Her husband is a travel nurse, and his job takes them all over the country. In their time traveling, they have lived in hotels, swap houses, VRBOs, and Airbnbs. Some might find it funny that a grown mom of two enjoys building LEGO® more than her kids do. Her passion for LEGO® grows stronger and stronger everyday. 

Amber and Sean are our woodworkers and the owners of their own woodworking shop, Motley & Myrtle. They have one son, four dogs, and two cats. There is always a lot happening in their house, but one thing they always enjoy doing together is building. In their spare time, they enjoy hiking, swimming, and doing anything outdoors.  
Lisa is our marketing specialist. She has a bachelor's degree in marketing and has been obsessed with it for over ten years. Her emphasis is in business and market analytics, with a splash of creativity. She loves working with The TRĀ Company and bought her first LEGO ® set for "market research."
Natalie is our copy editor and web/graphic designer. She has a master's degree, years of experience working with young children, and a passion for digital content creation. She loves Broadway musicals, playing pickleball, and hanging out with her nieces and nephews.
The TRĀ is a product of love, passion, and excitement, and we can’t wait to share it with you! We want everyone, no matter their age or where they live, to develop a love for LEGO®. Here at the TRĀ Company we are piecing together families to build happy and playful homes.