Give Back

At The TRĀ Company, we believe in the power of giving back and making a meaningful impact on the lives of children in need. Our mission goes beyond crafting hand-made wood trays for LEGO®; it's about transforming the lives of kids in the foster care system through the joy of play and the comfort of having something truly their own.

We are very passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of children who often face challenges and transitions beyond their control. A portion of our proceeds is dedicated to providing TRĀs, and LEGO® sets to children in foster care. We understand that these kids may not have many special items of their own with them as they navigate uncertain paths. Our goal is to change that.

Emilee, our founder, has a heartfelt dream - to ensure that every child between the ages of 6 and 12 in foster care has their own TRĀ and Lego set. Her experiences have shown her the immense value of having something cherished that is more than just a possession—a symbol of creativity, imagination, and stability.

With over 391,000 children in foster care, the scope of our mission is vast, but our determination is even greater. We strive to reach as many of these children as possible, helping them have the opportunity to experience the joy of creativity and play and reminding them that they are unique and loved.

Together with our community, partners, and customers, we're committed to paying it forward, piece by piece, set by set, and TRĀ by TRĀ. Because every child deserves a chance to feel the happiness of having their very own treasured possession, and every child deserves the opportunity to dream and build their best future possible. Join us in creating smiles, igniting imaginations, and making a lasting impact in the lives of these remarkable young individuals.